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   ask // hey it's hoshwa. this is just where i'm sticking all the stuff for now. mostly radio playlists and show recordigs and such. and sometmes i'll text photos i take on my flip phone or write down really important thoughts. what else? dunno. you can email 5432fun[at]gmail[dot]com if you need anything, though. santa barbara, ca. come hang out huh?

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2014 08 28 • RIPE MANGOS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

yessssss had RIPE MANGOS play live and hang out. last time milo was on the show was may 2011. played lots of newer songs and lots of classics. so nice. please go see a ripe mangos show if you are in LA, SB or SF on sep 2, 3 or 7 respectively.

you can listen to some songs here and here. and use the “get in contact” function on one of those sites to ask for a tape. the tapes are the best and they have really nice art and sounds and just do it okay.

for the last 20 minutes i played a live set by RUBRICS from biko infoshop on august 4, 2014.

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Pagiins “Open Up Your Mind” from Bad Things Don’t
Nima “What Can I Say” from Sweetboy *
Michael Vidal “Dreams (Come Back to Me)” from Dream Center
LA Beard Club “Safety Blanket” from Day by Day
Natural Glow “Young, Gifted, & Fat” from Young, Gifted, & Fat

LIVE: Ripe Mangos

Mega Bog “Aurora-99” from Gone Banana

Rubrics - Live at Biko Infoshop, August 4 2014

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2014 08 21 • ZULA (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

woo had ZULA from new york in the studio playing live for the second time. the first was almost exactly three years ago! this time as a 4-piece. super tight experimental pop songs. newest album out on inflated records.

they’re currently on tour traveling north towards seattle. you can find show and other info here.

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Blast and the Detergents “Theoretical Fight” from Brain Time Now
Heatwarmer “You Move” from Heatwarmer
Is/Is “Side Ways” from Is/Is
Hear Hums “Hexagon” from Psyche Cycles
Julie Byrne “Keep On Raging” from Julie Byrne
Hugging “Ice Cave” from Today
King Alfred, Man of Leisure “Holiday In A Car Park” from Hate Mail
Iji “Viber” from Bird-Man Movement Teeth
Barn Owl “Absent Afternoon” from Bridge to the Clouds
Bad Fate “Hold on Remorse” from Olympic City
Upside Drown “Castles” from Mood Music
Saturday Looks Good to Me “Are You Kissing Anyone?” from One Kiss Ends It All
Hooded Fang “Den Of Love” from Tosta Mista

LIVE: Zula

Small Sur “South Dakota” from Tones
The Hive Dwellers “Nothin’ But the Buryin’” from Hewn From the Wilderness

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2014 08 18 • AMANDA X (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

filled in for steve s. and joyful cosmos this evening and had AMANDA X play live!

amanda x is a 3-person punk/pop band on tour from philadelphia. new album on siltbreeze is suuppperrr great! two shows in the bay—go if you can!

this show was pretty goofy and we talked a lot about things i don’t even know what we were talking about. but it’s nice to do a thing like a radio show for like 10 years and to not have it be too serious and for it to also sound pretty okay. just hanging out!

find more amanda x here and here and here!

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Literature “Grifted” from Arab Spring
Weird Bug “HAUNTED HOUSE” from Stuck in Beads E.P.
Upside Drown “How Does He Speak” from Moon Music
Radiator Hospital “Big Cloud” from Something Wild
Manors “Teeth Dreams” from Fit In
The Ambulars “Hiding Out” from Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel
Acid Fast “Old Ideas” from 2010 Demo
Kickball “Shoulders” from AbCEFGHIJKickball
Hooded Fang “Ode to Subterrania” from Graves
All Dogs “Annoying” from Split with Slouch
Fat Creeps “Leave Her Alone” from Fat Creeps EP

LIVE: Amanda X

Badlands “Wind Storm” from So Little
Arjuna Genome “Bring It Back” from The Universe is Blinking
Banned Books “Must Be the Ghost” from Flawless Demo
Purple Seven “So Long” from Volume 2
Bat Manors “Choir Boy” from Dad Hair Day
Brave Radar “Coffee” from Ultramarine EP
Cold Warps “Stupid Tattoos” from Cold Warps
Crying “Bodega Run” from Get Olde
Beaker “Bus Stop” from Beaker
Koda Sequoia “Cloud Dream” from The Same Trees
The Acts of Estimating as Worthless “Night Time” from Amongst These Splintered Minds//Leaden Thouhgts Sing Softly
Mumblr “Father’s Day” from White Jesus EP
Painted Youth “Surgical Daycare” from Painted Youth
Cassis Orange “Still No Home” from Cassis Orange EP
Palisades “Terror” from Self-Titled
Ok Vancouver Ok “What’s My Memory For?” from Food. Shelter. Water.
Slam Dunk “Do the Slam Dunk” from The Shivers
Cousin Brian “Fear Instilled” from First
Tom Grrrl “Aye Yay Yay” from Rough Demonstrations

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2014 08 14 • GROWTH, HEATHERS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

oooo had two bands on the show! they arrived a bit later so we squeezed them into the last 45 minutes of the show.

on first was GROWTH from sweden. they played three songs. the last song was supposed to have vocals but the mic wasn’t working and i couldn’t get anyone’s attention so it’s a good instrumental version!

second was HEATHERS from los angeles. they played a few hyper pop songs till the last seconds of the show!

both bands are playing regular length sets at the biko infoshop tonight (friday aug 15) with GIRLPOOL and BLOSSOM. find info about the show at and find more about growth here and heathers here.

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Car School “Under the Cliff” from Weakly
Balue “West Coast Bros” from Quiet Dreamer
Glass Cake “OMG” from Lunar Caustic
Funk Police “You Always Win” from Hot We Are Funk We Play
Happy Jawbone Family Band “fireflies made out of dust (take one)” from Hotel Double Tragedy
California Suns “Fairytales” from Fairytales
Halo Halo “Coming Home” from Halo Halo
Fantails “Silent Screen” from Matariki Mayhem
Glory Hole “Paint the Hate” from Glory Hole Demo Tape
Foot Ox “Music Without Words” from Music Without Words
Goners “Deep End” from Endless Suffering
Richard Album “Uncharacter” from Lillerne Compilation #2
Guilt Mountain “Ice Wave” from Tiger Hour
The Free Mansons “Horns Like Confused Animals Cry” from Los Ojo’s Rojo’s
Hana and the Goose “Winter Cleaning” from Sea Anemone EP
Sick Sad World “Keep it Real” from Demos
High Pop “The Charm” from hippie speed ball
J. Marinelli “Comrade K” from Pre-Emptive Skankery Sessions
Pocketbooks “Fireworks At Midnight” from Carousel
Sci-Fi Caper “Bloom Like Roses” from Skeleton Tracks
Koda Sequoia “Buck Up” from The Same Trees
Scribbler “I Hope You Are My Baby” from Scannopapia
Old Table “Trumpet Time” from Animal Trilogy
Pile “Levee” from Magic Isn’t Real
Sean Nicholas Savage “Can’t Get My Mind Off You” from Trippple Midnight Karma
Dogbreth “Wondrr Womyn” from Buzz Ballads
Dustin and the Furniture “Summer cuddlin’” from Growing Up and Shedding
Aye Nako “Molasses” from Demo 2010

LIVE: Growth

Acid Fast “Old Ideas” from 2010 Demo
Cassis Orange “Still No Home” from Cassis Orange EP
Friend of My Youth “Grand Central” from Friend of My Youth
Homeowners “Cold Dog” from Homeowners

LIVE: Heathers

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2014 08 07 • BAD BIKINI, BUR GUR (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands come up from los angeles. in the first hour was BAD BIKINI playing rock n roll and had BUR GUR playing noise pop in the second hour. the bands came up separately but left together! love to match make.

bad bikini is currently working on recording a 4-song tape to come out by the end of the year. you can keep up with them here.

bur gur has a release coming out this month on how to be a microwave records and have a whole bunch of shows this month around los angeles. you can find them here.

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Birthdays “Biggie Shorty” from Birthdays
Found Drowned “Junk Mail 2.0” from Makes A Lovely Cup of Tea
Emily Reo “Wind” from Olive Juice
Crisis Arm “Follow” from Caterwaul
Fat Creeps “Fooled” from Fat Creeps EP

LIVE: Bad Bikini

The Dropout Patrol “Irrelevant Variables” from The Dropout Patrol
Detective Agency “Summer Song” from Daggers EP
Cuddle Formation “When in Germany” from Berlin
Florist “We Have Been This Way Forever” from We Have Been This Way Forever

LIVE: Bur Gur

Filardo “Grow Up” from Falling Up
Eleanor Murray “Rebel Summer” from Bury Me Into the Mtn
Dear Marje “Call Me Back” from Demo
Designer “On the Porch” from Discover

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2014 07 31 • ROB MAGILL, PENNY MACHINE (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

two really nice things happened on this show. we had ROB MAGILL and PENNY MACHINE play live.

rob magill comes from ojai and played a set in 3 parts. part 1 was rob on sax with daniel masiel on guitar. part 2 was rob sax solo. and part 3 was rob guitar singing songs. you can find examples of all of these things, as well as other really wonderful things on weird cry and find more of rob here.

in the second hour, penny machine came down from oakland on their way to los angeles for the burger-a-go-go on saturday. and then they head up through oregon and washington so make sure to find them! super great! and get a copy of the tour tape! you can find the show dates here.

also, please note that sometimes i listen to new music in alphabetical order. so that’s why most of the other songs i played begin with a b & c. is that weird?

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Amanda X “Trouble” from Amnesia
Brain Fruit “1.4” from 1.1
CAVE CAT “Deception” from Deception

LIVE: Rob Magill pt. 1

CS Luxem + OILS “To a Cactus” from Snowed In!

LIVE: Rob Magill pt. 2

Kickball “Brown” from AbCEFGHIJKickball
Chemical Peel “Chance” from Bike Thief

LIVE: Rob Magill pt. 3

Crosss “Witching Hour” from Obsidian Spectre
Burnt Palms “Just for Me” from Burnt Palms
Crying “Vacation” from Get Olde
Blast and the Detergents “Cut Up Dilemma” from Blast/Detergent

LIVE: Penny Machine

Chandails “Nightgown Talk” from EP
Blonde Wig “One Thing” from One Thing
Cartoon Monster “How Can I Breathe” from Halloo Your Name to the Reverberate Hills

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2014 07 24 • SPENCER OWEN TIMESHARE, JAMES RABBIT (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

wowowowowow. had two bands play live: SPENCER OWEN TIMESHARE and JAMES RABBIT. the bands are on tour together and are a total party. they toured up to seattle and are playing at pehrspace tonight among other los angeles area shows and then head up to san francisco.

both bands have tons of music you can listen to. find spencer owen timeshare here and here and find james rabbit here and here.

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All Dogs “Annoying” from Split with Slouch
Alphabets “Robo Goats Howl and Bang” from FANTAZIA2010
Mikah Sykes “Nature is Faithful (for Orcas Island)” from Love, Consequences, and Serenity Volumes 1-4
Thee Ahs “Onion in my Pocket” from Thee AHs Nation
Speedy Ortiz “Indoor Soccer” from Sports EP

LIVE: Spencer Owen Timeshare

Absolut Red “A Love Story From the Outer Space” from A Supposedly Fun Thing We’ll Probably Do Again
Peace in Our Tme “Darkest Secrets” from Our Beloved Ones
Lion Eater “Holy Flesh” from Limestone
Bad Fate “Mongrel Man” from Olympic City

LIVE: James Rabbit

Nice Try “Teen Fiction” from Convinced
Arjuna Genome “Digital Days Before the Brain” from The Universe is Blinking
Secret Colors “The Elephant” from Confusion Control
Amanda X “You, Again” from Ruin the Moment
The Sarcastic Dharma Society “Empathy” from Live at Laughing Horse

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2014 07 17 • FORREST CONIFER, LITTLE CHILD MAN (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands on the show tonight.

the first is local FORREST CONIFER. playing acoustic guitar songs. this was the first sort of public performance, so look out for more! you can keep track here.

the second band, LITTLE CHILD MAN, is from los angeles area. they play some pretty groovy synthy rocky stuff. they’re doing a tour up to washington state in a few days. you can find some songs and show dates here.

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Gentleman Surfer “Isle of Cats” from Blalks
Wide Streets “Oh Brother!” from little babies
Huge Face “Break the Hearts of Summer” from Huge Face
3dCosby “Way Like Butter” from Satan’s Secret

LIVE: Forrest Conifer

Cartoon Monster “im home” from warm
Go Cozy “Fruit Flies” from Glimmer
Gorgeous Bully “I’m a Little Worried” from Bullring
Keith! Party “Batcave” from It’s A Mega World!!
JANG “Switzerland” from 28
Motel Mattress “Ultrastructure” from Megachurch
Sweet Dreams “In No Home” from Science Fiction is Dead
Breathing Light “Friends (Pansy)” from It. EP

LIVE: Little Child Man

Cold Warps “Let’s Just Fun” from Endless Bummer
Hot Fruit “Falling off the Grid” from That’s Cute ! That’s Weird ! That’s Fucked Up !
Thunderwerld “Planetarium” from Big Waves

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2014 07 10 • (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

this week i played some live recordings of punk brass/marching bands.

the first recording is YESTERDAY’S CHONIES playing at c.a.f.e. infoshop in fresno on june 24, 2009.

the second recording is MOUNT RIGHTEOUS playing at biko garage on january 14, 2010 as part of the santa blah blah fest.

the third recording is of WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE playing on july 1, 2014. half the show was at biko garage, then there was a march through isla vista to the beach.

i drew the trumpet trombone and tuba with my left hand, just fyi…

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Yesterday’s Chonies - Live at C.A.F.E. Infoshop, June 24 2009

Mount Righteous - Live at Biko Garage, January 14 2010

What Cheer? Brigade - Live at Biko Garage, July 1 2014

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#5432fun  #kcsb  #radio  #diy  #diy pop  #yesterday's chonies  #mount righteous  #what cheer? brigade 
2014 07 03 • GLOWY (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had the band GLOWY come down from san francisco to play live. the three-piece noisy rock band stopped on their way to play a park show in los angeles on july 4th.

for some real bummer reason the recording of the show was broken up into a bunch of pieces and there are a few chunks missing towards the beginning of the second hour. sorry some of the live songs got cut off. but you can hear most of them! and they are great!

you can find some glowy here and here and here.

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Dark Warble “Hex Dream” from Moon In Trouble
Xina Xurner “Start From Zero” from DIE
Diane “AGORAPHOBIA” from Split Tour Demo
Big Mess “Si Se Puede” from Big Mess
Wringer “Mammoth Cave pt. II” from Bullfighter
Practice “Map View / Hidden Entrance” from Public Relations Act on Ice
Dig Safe “The Tower and the Hanged Man” from Dig Safe
Highq “Best Friend” from Be Side
Beach Volleyball “Contack” from Power Cuts/First Floor
Lube “Building Bombs With Mom” from Nude Demon
People’s Palms “Swimmer” from Memory’s Arc
Stillsuit “9” from Isolated Now Waves Tape
Rozwell Kid “Rocket” from Rozwell Kid

LIVE: Glowy

Bad Cello “Safe Side” from Finna
Tight Bros “Karaoke Night” from Art School Girls
Frankie Cosmos “Bow in Nude” from DADDY COOL
Acid Fast “Old Ideas” from Split with Yi
Scandaliz Vandalistz “Little Brains” from Home to Roost
El Hollin’ “Separated Islands” from Hurry Up Already Poppy
Nigel Read “Projection Spoof” from Pen Pal Pernicious
Krill “Infinite Power” from Lucky Leaves
Cousin Brian “Tired” from First
The Orange Apples “I Made A Mistake” from Cry Baby
Dumpster Burger “Crusty Cats” from Hairy, Nasty and Brutish
Brave Radar “Cool Comet” from Compilation No.2
Free Cake For Every Creature “Your Face is Birthday Cake” from Shitty Beginnings
Happy Jawbone Family Band “She Died From A Snowflake at 3am” from A Happy Jawbone Family X-Mas Gift to You, 2011: Operation Ho! Ho! Ho!

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2014 06 26 • BLOSSOM, LIAM AND THE LADIES (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands play live on the show this week. BLOSSOM and LAIM AND THE LADIES.

blossom is a new local band. rock/pop four-piece! they have a nice 2-song cd-r that you can scoop at a show, or you can find recordings here and you can keep up with them here.

liam and the ladies is a ska band on tour from phoenix. pretty stoked on this cause i love ska. and they’re really good! you can find recordings here and you can …join… the band here.

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Wave Envy “I don’t Mind” from Yes, Let’s
Hex Partners “Mesozoic Death Trip” from Hex Partners
Punishment “Henchman John” from Not Natural or Beautiful
Cats In The Basement “Peanutbutter” from Doo Bee Doo La Dee Day Dum Be Dum Drink Your Blood
Filthy Liars “If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again)” from If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again)
Mogli and the Dirty Sisters “I Love This Horse” from Feral Feelings
Pitchouse “Thebes” from Pitchouse

LIVE: Blossom

Woolworm “Woolworm” from No Caps
Get Mom “Mincing Around” from Get Mom!
Mormon Crosses “Marked Tricks” from Ash & Temple
Yes Bear “Reckless” from ITEMS
Noel’le Longhaul & Jess X Chen “Unmarked Graves” from The Listening and the Letting Go
Mourning Dove “Mourning Dove” from Mourning Dove

LIVE: Liam and the Ladies

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2014 06 19 • PLAN-IT-X FEST (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

didn’t have bands on this week. instead i played songs by bands playing at PLAN-IT-X FEST 2014. really short songs from each band and then played live recordings from plan-it-x fest 2012 by EMPEROR X and MADELINE ADAMS.

wish i was there.

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The Jesus Boy “Sunflower”
Community Currency “Nothn’ for Me”
Sara Cilantro “Hansel and Gretel”
The Cherry Icees “Stuck in My Head”
Rubrics “Dita Sari”
Ghost Mice “The alchemist”
Delay “Fever”
All Dogs “Love Song”
Busman’s Holiday “Ode to Sophia”
Watercolor Paintings “Red Scarf”
Operation: Cliff Clavin “Everyday”
Spoonboy “Different Stories”
Your Heart Breaks “Start By Walking”
Who Needs You “Walkabout”
Kyle Hall and the Kitten Crisis “Vegan Love Song”
Boogdish “Whooping Cough”
Cutting Room Floor “Lip Service”
High Dive “Rhetoric”
Traveling “Idealist Temperament”
Dogjaw “Cast Beyond”
SHARKPACT “World is Round”
Looming “Pools”
Closet Burner “Fake Media”
Parasol “No Where To Go”
Hard Feelings “Twenty Nine”
Kepi Ghoulie “Thirteen-Thirty Three”
Dog Party “Party”
Nana Grizol “Night Lights III”
Colour Me Wednesday “Don’t Waste Your Breath”
Lipstick Homicide “I Hope You Die”
Shellshag “Resilient Bastard”
The Max Levine Ensemble “Poop Farm”
Martha “Standing Where It All Began”
Dogbreth “How Long”
Madeline Ava “Your Sofa”
Garrett Walters “Hemorrhaging”
Mitch the Champ “2 Cups of Tea”
Super Famicom “Kill the Messenger”
Bogsey and the Argonauts “Concerta”
Onsind “Pigs In the Green Room”
The Wild “Cut From The Cloth”
Nice Try “Angry”
Jordan O’Jordan “Battle Hymn for a Young Cynic”
Defiance, Ohio “Bad Ideas”
Super Bobby “Dance Dance”
Somnia “PsyVamps”
Ramshackle Glory “The Club Hits of Today Will Be the Show Tunes of Tomorrow”
Colby the Heart “Don’t Give Up”

Emperor X - Live at Rhino’s / Plan-it-X Fest 2012

Madeline Adams - Live at Rhino’s / Plan-it-X Fest 2012

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2014 06 12 • ROMAN CANDLES, OAK SMALL (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands play live on the show this week. ROMAN CANDLES from yorba linda and OAK SMALL from isla vista.

roman candles is just starting a tour to plan-it-x fest in bloomington. playing acoustic punk/folk songs. you can find songs here and chris does a zine that you can find here.

oak small is a new local band. half of them came in and played two super great songs. they don’t exist on the internet so you’ll just have to see them at a show.

for the last 20 minutes of the show i played a live recording of LUNCHBOX from the biko garage on may 19th. soo good.

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Radiator Hospital “The Great Escape” from Something Wild
Summer Twins “Got Somebody to Dream About” from Summer Twins
Try the Pie “Serving” from Bedroom
Outer Spaces “Forgot” from Creature of Nature EP
Tera Melos “Sunburn” from X’ed Out

LIVE: Roman Candles

Katie and the Lichen “Yours Truly” from Yours Truly
Toby Goodshank “Blackout” from Minus Días
The Pizazz “Dolphin Patrol” from Get Out of My House
Night Nurses “Let’s Not Date” from Let’s Not Date
Lazy “Dead Beat Town” from I.D.’s
Crystal Swells “Harsh Flux” from HarshSide/Sludge Freaks
Crabapple “Loose Ends” from Is It You?

LIVE: Oak Small

Dead Soft “See Through” from Dead Soft
Hermetic “Nixon Song” from Civilized City
Moth Mender “Hatcher Creek” from Moth Mender
Painted Youth “Surgical Daycare” from Painted Youth
The Mandlebaums “Don’t Know No Better” from It’s Go Time!

Lunchbox - Live at Biko Garage, May 19th, 2014

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2014 06 05 • LAM! LAM!, THE STEREO SOUL MOVEMENT (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had LAM! LAM! and THE STEREO SOUL MOVEMENT playing live on the show this week.

lam! lam! is the solo electro pop project of betsy shane from durham, north carolina. touring with some great new songs that you can find here and keep up with shows and all the other good things here.

the stereo soul movement is a diy disco/soul band from orange county. they started as a cover band but now play original songs and disco/soul covers of other diy pop bands. look out for them here.

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Pangea “SUMMERTIME” from Living Dummy
Waters “Not Mountains But Fields” from Growing Heavy Or Light But Doubtful
Nod and the Hob Goblins “Pine Bender” from Nod and the Hob Goblins
Small Sur “The Sand” from Tones


Weird Bug “Haunted House” from Stuck in Beads E.P.
The Migs “Follow Me Home” from Whatever Forever
David Jaberi “You Got the Touch” from Melech/Davood
Mark E. Deutsch “Captive (by the time)” from Melech/Davood
Chastity Belt “Healthy Punk” from No Regrets
Salsa Chips “WATERFALL” from Salsa Chips

LIVE: The Stereo Soul Movement

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2014 05 29 • THE LOST YEARS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had THE LOST YEARS come up from los angeles to play on the show. they were a three-person band last night with guitar, drum machine and vocals but they have a revolving collective of participating members.

they were all super sweet and did lots of yelling and shared really intimate personal and band stories. and they were kind of hilarious. and just really freakin sweet.

you can find them here and here.

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Southern Femisphere “One Alarm” from Houses
Fungi Girls “Dystopic Vision” from Seafaring Pyramids
Baby Mollusk “Ode To Bei Bei” from Insane Baby
Señor Fin “Song to Fight the Beasts” from Underneath
xOhNo “Head North” from XOhNo
Cartoon Monster “Salish Sea” from Loves
FLAGPOLERS “Sketch the Barber” from Demo July 2012
Garbo’s Daughter “Private Party” from Goes Pop!

LIVE: The Lost Years

The Lost Years “Honey Bee”
Told Slant “Algae Bloom” from Still Water
Miami Doritos “Bike Cops” from Scoop Dreams
Neo Boys “Cheap Labor” from Sooner Or Later
Over Nights “For the People Who Cared” from The Broken EP
MILKBAG “Dances” from Goes + Dances

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