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   ask // hey it's hoshwa. this is just where i'm sticking all the stuff for now. mostly radio playlists and show recordigs and such. and then sometmes i'll text photos i'll take on my flip phone or write down really important thoughts i have. what else? dunno. you can email 5432fun[at]gmail[dot]com if you need anything, though.

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2014 07 24 • SPENCER OWEN TIMESHARE, JAMES RABBIT (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

wowowowowow. had two bands play live: SPENCER OWEN TIMESHARE and JAMES RABBIT. the bands are on tour together and are a total party. they toured up to seattle and are playing at pehrspace tonight among other los angeles area shows and then head up to san francisco.

both bands have tons of music you can listen to. find spencer owen timeshare here and here and find james rabbit here and here.

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All Dogs “Annoying” from Split with Slouch
Alphabets “Robo Goats Howl and Bang” from FANTAZIA2010
Mikah Sykes “Nature is Faithful (for Orcas Island)” from Love, Consequences, and Serenity Volumes 1-4
Thee Ahs “Onion in my Pocket” from Thee AHs Nation
Speedy Ortiz “Indoor Soccer” from Sports EP

LIVE: Spencer Owen Timeshare

Absolut Red “A Love Story From the Outer Space” from A Supposedly Fun Thing We’ll Probably Do Again
Peace in Our Tme “Darkest Secrets” from Our Beloved Ones
Lion Eater “Holy Flesh” from Limestone
Bad Fate “Mongrel Man” from Olympic City

LIVE: James Rabbit

Nice Try “Teen Fiction” from Convinced
Arjuna Genome “Digital Days Before the Brain” from The Universe is Blinking
Secret Colors “The Elephant” from Confusion Control
Amanda X “You, Again” from Ruin the Moment
The Sarcastic Dharma Society “Empathy” from Live at Laughing Horse

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2014 07 17 • FORREST CONIFER, LITTLE CHILD MAN (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands on the show tonight.

the first is local FORREST CONIFER. playing acoustic guitar songs. this was the first sort of public performance, so look out for more! you can keep track here.

the second band, LITTLE CHILD MAN, is from los angeles area. they play some pretty groovy synthy rocky stuff. they’re doing a tour up to washington state in a few days. you can find some songs and show dates here.

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Gentleman Surfer “Isle of Cats” from Blalks
Wide Streets “Oh Brother!” from little babies
Huge Face “Break the Hearts of Summer” from Huge Face
3dCosby “Way Like Butter” from Satan’s Secret

LIVE: Forrest Conifer

Cartoon Monster “im home” from warm
Go Cozy “Fruit Flies” from Glimmer
Gorgeous Bully “I’m a Little Worried” from Bullring
Keith! Party “Batcave” from It’s A Mega World!!
JANG “Switzerland” from 28
Motel Mattress “Ultrastructure” from Megachurch
Sweet Dreams “In No Home” from Science Fiction is Dead
Breathing Light “Friends (Pansy)” from It. EP

LIVE: Little Child Man

Cold Warps “Let’s Just Fun” from Endless Bummer
Hot Fruit “Falling off the Grid” from That’s Cute ! That’s Weird ! That’s Fucked Up !
Thunderwerld “Planetarium” from Big Waves

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2014 07 10 • (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

this week i played some live recordings of punk brass/marching bands.

the first recording is YESTERDAY’S CHONIES playing at c.a.f.e. infoshop in fresno on june 24, 2009.

the second recording is MOUNT RIGHTEOUS playing at biko garage on january 14, 2010 as part of the santa blah blah fest.

the third recording is of WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE playing on july 1, 2014. half the show was at biko garage, then there was a march through isla vista to the beach.

i drew the trumpet trombone and tuba with my left hand, just fyi…

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Yesterday’s Chonies - Live at C.A.F.E. Infoshop, June 24 2009

Mount Righteous - Live at Biko Garage, January 14 2010

What Cheer? Brigade - Live at Biko Garage, July 1 2014

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2014 07 03 • GLOWY (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had the band GLOWY come down from san francisco to play live. the three-piece noisy rock band stopped on their way to play a park show in los angeles on july 4th.

for some real bummer reason the recording of the show was broken up into a bunch of pieces and there are a few chunks missing towards the beginning of the second hour. sorry some of the live songs got cut off. but you can hear most of them! and they are great!

you can find some glowy here and here and here.

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Dark Warble “Hex Dream” from Moon In Trouble
Xina Xurner “Start From Zero” from DIE
Diane “AGORAPHOBIA” from Split Tour Demo
Big Mess “Si Se Puede” from Big Mess
Wringer “Mammoth Cave pt. II” from Bullfighter
Practice “Map View / Hidden Entrance” from Public Relations Act on Ice
Dig Safe “The Tower and the Hanged Man” from Dig Safe
Highq “Best Friend” from Be Side
Beach Volleyball “Contack” from Power Cuts/First Floor
Lube “Building Bombs With Mom” from Nude Demon
People’s Palms “Swimmer” from Memory’s Arc
Stillsuit “9” from Isolated Now Waves Tape
Rozwell Kid “Rocket” from Rozwell Kid

LIVE: Glowy

Bad Cello “Safe Side” from Finna
Tight Bros “Karaoke Night” from Art School Girls
Frankie Cosmos “Bow in Nude” from DADDY COOL
Acid Fast “Old Ideas” from Split with Yi
Scandaliz Vandalistz “Little Brains” from Home to Roost
El Hollin’ “Separated Islands” from Hurry Up Already Poppy
Nigel Read “Projection Spoof” from Pen Pal Pernicious
Krill “Infinite Power” from Lucky Leaves
Cousin Brian “Tired” from First
The Orange Apples “I Made A Mistake” from Cry Baby
Dumpster Burger “Crusty Cats” from Hairy, Nasty and Brutish
Brave Radar “Cool Comet” from Compilation No.2
Free Cake For Every Creature “Your Face is Birthday Cake” from Shitty Beginnings
Happy Jawbone Family Band “She Died From A Snowflake at 3am” from A Happy Jawbone Family X-Mas Gift to You, 2011: Operation Ho! Ho! Ho!

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2014 06 26 • BLOSSOM, LIAM AND THE LADIES (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands play live on the show this week. BLOSSOM and LAIM AND THE LADIES.

blossom is a new local band. rock/pop four-piece! they have a nice 2-song cd-r that you can scoop at a show, or you can find recordings here and you can keep up with them here.

liam and the ladies is a ska band on tour from phoenix. pretty stoked on this cause i love ska. and they’re really good! you can find recordings here and you can …join… the band here.

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Wave Envy “I don’t Mind” from Yes, Let’s
Hex Partners “Mesozoic Death Trip” from Hex Partners
Punishment “Henchman John” from Not Natural or Beautiful
Cats In The Basement “Peanutbutter” from Doo Bee Doo La Dee Day Dum Be Dum Drink Your Blood
Filthy Liars “If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again)” from If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again)
Mogli and the Dirty Sisters “I Love This Horse” from Feral Feelings
Pitchouse “Thebes” from Pitchouse

LIVE: Blossom

Woolworm “Woolworm” from No Caps
Get Mom “Mincing Around” from Get Mom!
Mormon Crosses “Marked Tricks” from Ash & Temple
Yes Bear “Reckless” from ITEMS
Noel’le Longhaul & Jess X Chen “Unmarked Graves” from The Listening and the Letting Go
Mourning Dove “Mourning Dove” from Mourning Dove

LIVE: Liam and the Ladies

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2014 06 19 • PLAN-IT-X FEST (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

didn’t have bands on this week. instead i played songs by bands playing at PLAN-IT-X FEST 2014. really short songs from each band and then played live recordings from plan-it-x fest 2012 by EMPEROR X and MADELINE ADAMS.

wish i was there.

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The Jesus Boy “Sunflower”
Community Currency “Nothn’ for Me”
Sara Cilantro “Hansel and Gretel”
The Cherry Icees “Stuck in My Head”
Rubrics “Dita Sari”
Ghost Mice “The alchemist”
Delay “Fever”
All Dogs “Love Song”
Busman’s Holiday “Ode to Sophia”
Watercolor Paintings “Red Scarf”
Operation: Cliff Clavin “Everyday”
Spoonboy “Different Stories”
Your Heart Breaks “Start By Walking”
Who Needs You “Walkabout”
Kyle Hall and the Kitten Crisis “Vegan Love Song”
Boogdish “Whooping Cough”
Cutting Room Floor “Lip Service”
High Dive “Rhetoric”
Traveling “Idealist Temperament”
Dogjaw “Cast Beyond”
SHARKPACT “World is Round”
Looming “Pools”
Closet Burner “Fake Media”
Parasol “No Where To Go”
Hard Feelings “Twenty Nine”
Kepi Ghoulie “Thirteen-Thirty Three”
Dog Party “Party”
Nana Grizol “Night Lights III”
Colour Me Wednesday “Don’t Waste Your Breath”
Lipstick Homicide “I Hope You Die”
Shellshag “Resilient Bastard”
The Max Levine Ensemble “Poop Farm”
Martha “Standing Where It All Began”
Dogbreth “How Long”
Madeline Ava “Your Sofa”
Garrett Walters “Hemorrhaging”
Mitch the Champ “2 Cups of Tea”
Super Famicom “Kill the Messenger”
Bogsey and the Argonauts “Concerta”
Onsind “Pigs In the Green Room”
The Wild “Cut From The Cloth”
Nice Try “Angry”
Jordan O’Jordan “Battle Hymn for a Young Cynic”
Defiance, Ohio “Bad Ideas”
Super Bobby “Dance Dance”
Somnia “PsyVamps”
Ramshackle Glory “The Club Hits of Today Will Be the Show Tunes of Tomorrow”
Colby the Heart “Don’t Give Up”

Emperor X - Live at Rhino’s / Plan-it-X Fest 2012

Madeline Adams - Live at Rhino’s / Plan-it-X Fest 2012

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2014 06 12 • ROMAN CANDLES, OAK SMALL (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had two bands play live on the show this week. ROMAN CANDLES from yorba linda and OAK SMALL from isla vista.

roman candles is just starting a tour to plan-it-x fest in bloomington. playing acoustic punk/folk songs. you can find songs here and chris does a zine that you can find here.

oak small is a new local band. half of them came in and played two super great songs. they don’t exist on the internet so you’ll just have to see them at a show.

for the last 20 minutes of the show i played a live recording of LUNCHBOX from the biko garage on may 19th. soo good.

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Radiator Hospital “The Great Escape” from Something Wild
Summer Twins “Got Somebody to Dream About” from Summer Twins
Try the Pie “Serving” from Bedroom
Outer Spaces “Forgot” from Creature of Nature EP
Tera Melos “Sunburn” from X’ed Out

LIVE: Roman Candles

Katie and the Lichen “Yours Truly” from Yours Truly
Toby Goodshank “Blackout” from Minus Días
The Pizazz “Dolphin Patrol” from Get Out of My House
Night Nurses “Let’s Not Date” from Let’s Not Date
Lazy “Dead Beat Town” from I.D.’s
Crystal Swells “Harsh Flux” from HarshSide/Sludge Freaks
Crabapple “Loose Ends” from Is It You?

LIVE: Oak Small

Dead Soft “See Through” from Dead Soft
Hermetic “Nixon Song” from Civilized City
Moth Mender “Hatcher Creek” from Moth Mender
Painted Youth “Surgical Daycare” from Painted Youth
The Mandlebaums “Don’t Know No Better” from It’s Go Time!

Lunchbox - Live at Biko Garage, May 19th, 2014

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2014 06 05 • LAM! LAM!, THE STEREO SOUL MOVEMENT (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had LAM! LAM! and THE STEREO SOUL MOVEMENT playing live on the show this week.

lam! lam! is the solo electro pop project of betsy shane from durham, north carolina. touring with some great new songs that you can find here and keep up with shows and all the other good things here.

the stereo soul movement is a diy disco/soul band from orange county. they started as a cover band but now play original songs and disco/soul covers of other diy pop bands. look out for them here.

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Pangea “SUMMERTIME” from Living Dummy
Waters “Not Mountains But Fields” from Growing Heavy Or Light But Doubtful
Nod and the Hob Goblins “Pine Bender” from Nod and the Hob Goblins
Small Sur “The Sand” from Tones


Weird Bug “Haunted House” from Stuck in Beads E.P.
The Migs “Follow Me Home” from Whatever Forever
David Jaberi “You Got the Touch” from Melech/Davood
Mark E. Deutsch “Captive (by the time)” from Melech/Davood
Chastity Belt “Healthy Punk” from No Regrets
Salsa Chips “WATERFALL” from Salsa Chips

LIVE: The Stereo Soul Movement

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2014 05 29 • THE LOST YEARS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had THE LOST YEARS come up from los angeles to play on the show. they were a three-person band last night with guitar, drum machine and vocals but they have a revolving collective of participating members.

they were all super sweet and did lots of yelling and shared really intimate personal and band stories. and they were kind of hilarious. and just really freakin sweet.

you can find them here and here.

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Southern Femisphere “One Alarm” from Houses
Fungi Girls “Dystopic Vision” from Seafaring Pyramids
Baby Mollusk “Ode To Bei Bei” from Insane Baby
Señor Fin “Song to Fight the Beasts” from Underneath
xOhNo “Head North” from XOhNo
Cartoon Monster “Salish Sea” from Loves
FLAGPOLERS “Sketch the Barber” from Demo July 2012
Garbo’s Daughter “Private Party” from Goes Pop!

LIVE: The Lost Years

The Lost Years “Honey Bee”
Told Slant “Algae Bloom” from Still Water
Miami Doritos “Bike Cops” from Scoop Dreams
Neo Boys “Cheap Labor” from Sooner Or Later
Over Nights “For the People Who Cared” from The Broken EP
MILKBAG “Dances” from Goes + Dances

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#5432fun  #kcsb  #radio  #diy  #diy pop  #the lost years  #southern femisphere  #fungi girls  #baby mollusk  #senor fin  #xohno  #cartoon monster  #flagpolers  #garbo's daughter  #told slant  #miami doritos  #neo boys  #over nights  #milkbag 
2014 05 22 • THE MAZEL TOV COCKTAILS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had THE MAZEL TOV COCKTAILS back on the show. they came up from orange county as part of their #kleztour with 9 members including ribbon dancers and a professional clapper.

they play some traditional klezmer tunes as well as songs they wrote about orange county and their tall friend. they just made some recordings. like finished the morning of this show. you can find the band here and find the new recordings here.

also played a live recording of FOSTER BODY playing at biko garage on may 13, 2014.

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Old and Weird “Monster Daze” from Life’s Tough Not Really
Satan Wriders “She’s Not Right” from Black Eyed Kids
Hippy “Magic Wand” from Almost Live
Sun Lion “It’s In Your Head” from In My Dreams
Turnip King “Seasons” from Voodoo/Seasons
James Rabbit “Conversation Through Walls” from for Van Dyke Parks
SNCKPCK “Dog Heaven” from Dog Heaven
The RattleSnakes “Spine” from The Jeff Breeze Sessions

LIVE: The Mazel Tov Cocktails

Starry Cat “Thanks” from Starry Cat
Total Trash “Listen” from You Don’t Try
Sun Valley Gun Club “Guilt” from BITTERNESS/GUILT
Ta Gueule “Vegan Boy” from LIVE
Señor Fin “The Script” from Comienzo
Tiny Teeth “Adventures” from Blood in the Soup
Spencer Radcliffe “Cinnamon Chips” from Sinking Down
Tomboy “I’m in the Fucking Band” from January Demo
Weather Balloons “I Want To Stab You in the Face” from Weather Balloons

Foster Body - Live at Biko Garage - May 13, 2014

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2014 05 05 • EASTERN BAKERY (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had EASTERN BAKERY come all the way from isla vista to play on the show. they played sort of live on kcsb a few weeks ago as part of the uc radio network conference show in storke plaza.

they play the sweet catchy pop punk. they’ve got a tape and a split coming out sometime in the near future. you can find them here and here.

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Quaaludes “Call You Up” from She’s Weird Like Us
Processors “Gimmie $3” from Foes Forever
Mary Christ “Too Many Questions” from Mary Christ
Neonates “Beat Around” from Untitled Self-Released CD
Old Table “Little Girl vs. Old Man” from Messin’ Round
Midi & the Modern Dance “Eleanor’s Song” from The First Three Years: (2007-2009)
Olive Drab “Hugs” from Girl EP
Naam Sain “Casey Lives in a World” from Do You Know What I’m Sayin’?
Mitts “Eyedeas” from Romulan
Princess City “Safe and Sound” from Princessity
M. Savant Stifleson “Star Ledge Dismissal Pact” from Ga Garden
Frankie Cosmos “Theory of Mind” from Affirms Glinting
Monster Bad “Circles” from Exico
The Furr “Birthday Dub”
Kitchen Hips “As If Nothing” from Tapered Apron
Metal Feathers “Visita” from Statistically Marred
Outdoor Protestant Blues Band “Oh No” from Knee Deep in Dirt
Quilty “Little Minor” from Clover/Coriander
The Muddy Flowers “Gameboy Jam” from Under Wraps
Yung Mums “Cobra” from Yung Mums

LIVE: Eastern Bakery

Dogbreth “Eat What Others Grow” from Buzz Ballads
Pitch & Bark “Father Hoxy” from Father Hoxy EP
Michael Stasis “Girthday” from RIP (2003-2009)
Norwegian Arms “My New Toy Piano” from wolf like a stray dog
Procession “Certainty” from Fade EP
Quarterbacks “Never Go” from Loveseat
Ratigan “Pushing Boulders” from Fortune Metal
Sat. Nite Duets “Collegiate Metal Freak” from Summer of Punishment

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2014 05 01 • FUGUE (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had FUGUE come up from orange county as part of their weekend tour up to santa cruz and fresno. they’re are three and play a mostly loud screamy rock music with quieter pretty bits.

they have a few splits coming out soon and a song on a cali comp. you can find them here and find their label, avocado records, here.

i also played a live recording of BADLANDS from a show at the wulf den in los angeles back on march 21st, 2014.

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Koda Sequoia “Utah” from The Same Trees
Favors “Different Invention” from Keeper
Coma Cinema “Burn a Church” from Posthumous Release
Layman “Was Not” from World

LIVE: Fugue

Chemical Peel “Virus” from Chemical Peel
Ego Border “Wax Museum” from Wax Museum/(*~*~|~*~*)
Chalk Harmonica Vibe “He Felt He Was Unahppy” from Rumination
Foam Castles “Moonlamp Superior” from Bonanza
Dustin and the Furniture “#lifesux” from Growing Up and Shedding
FEdAvEEs “Let’s Heal Properly” from Pocket Tooth
Cobwebs “J.V.C.” from Cobwebs
Exploding World “Clock Hands” from Reptilian Revival
Grandma’s Boyfriend “Fear & Anxieties” from Grandma’s Boyfriend
The Fatty Acids “Oven Mitts” from Leftover Monsterface
I Could Eat Crackers All Day “Real Life Hannibal Lecter” from I Love You and I Was Ashamed. I was the Only One Who Hadn’t
Infinity Crush “Flowers pt. 2” from Flowers
Fat Creeps “Horoscope” from SPLIT SHIT CASSETTE
Julia Brown “Library” from To Be Close to You
Dee Bird “Going for the Fall” from Harvest Moon EP
Lakehead “Summer Suxxx” from I’ll Black Out Every Time I Stand Up

Badlands - Live at the Wulf Den, March 21st, 2014

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2014 04 24 • WONTON SOUP (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had WONTON SOUP come up from ventura area to play on the show. they drove straight up here from a masquerade party in oxnard. they’re a four-piece “scum pop” band. just listen to the banter!

tape coming out soon with a release show on may 9th. find them here and here.

talk about fast food and fast music!!

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Tyvek “Sea Walls” from On Triple Beams
Wax Phantom “Marinara Man” from Don’t Fool With A Phantom
I Dress for Recess “7” from Jungle Flower
The Ghost Ease “XV” from Ghost Ease
Frankie Cosmos “French Toast” from DADDY COOL
Aantarcticaa “Water Atlas” from Demo
Car Seat Headrest “You Have To Go To College” from 1
Ava Luna “We Were Young” from 3rd Avenue Island
Obechoir “Religion” from FITHY
Bleating Hearts “T.V. Changed Our Lives” from Bleating Hearts
Creeping Weeds “Hole In The Wall” from SEE THROUGH
Dash Jacket “Coastal Sang” from Blah Blah
Shelton Pool “We Ain’t Need no Numbas” from Shelton Pool
El Hollin’ “Sick Sad World” from Hurry Up Already Poppy
Diners “Old Souvenirs” from Throw Me a Ten
Hot Tears “The Space” from EP
Beach Moon/Peach Moon “What Color” from Half Awake Dream
Javelina “Last Straw” from Leave Your Heart in This Stupid Little Basket
Puppies “Dreams Come True” from Dreams Come True EP

LIVE: Wonton Soup

Spirit Night “Grasshoppers” from One Man Houses
Thick Paint “Thick Paint Theme” from Infinite Mood
Wyla “Fatal Flaw” from Dulcet
Land of Blood and Sunshine “Lay Your Heavies Down” from Magick Carcass Ride
Sean Nicholas Savage “Picturebook” from Spread Free Like A Butterfly
Trufflelina “I’m So Well Adjusted!!!” from The Physics of Cro-Magnon Chromatics
Meewillis “Girly Milk Drink” from Bonus Bean
Thunderwerld “MounTains” from MTV

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2014 04 17 • INTIMATCHINE (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

had INTIMATCHINE come up from los angeles to play live on the show. they are two cool persons doing snyths, beats, guitar and vocals.

they’ve got a new tape that you can only get when you see them at a show. you can keep up with them here and here and listen to songs here.

and check out those blind contour drawings!

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Friend of My Youth “Future Perfect” from Friend of My Youth
Curved Dog “Melody Attack” from In Defense of Plagiarism
Dan “Pressure Point” from where Have All the Children Gone?
Bronze Float “Guard Dog” from Pet Foundry
Chick Salad “Winston Carmichael” from Soft Rock
Happy Jawbone Family Band “Martian Santa” from A Happy Jawbone Family X-Mas Gift to You, 2011: Operation Ho! Ho! Ho!
The Dear John Letters “I’ve Been”
Upsidedown Cat “About Your Way” from Picket Line “The Soundtrack”

LIVE: Intimatchine

SEAGULLINVASION “Bog” from Goblin Song
Ace Bushy Striptease “Wrestle; Eat; Cry” from A Little More Suspicious in Our Fairytales Plz
Cassis Orange “O, So What” from Cassis Orange EP
Foot Village “Psychic Connection” from Fuck the Future 2
Gene Party “Take It In The Gut” from Get Excited
Lady Lioness “Boom Boom Boom” from Delicate
Mal Blum “For Making Art” from For Making Art EP

INTERVIEW: with Watercolor Paintings and Remambran

Frankie Cosmos “My Honeys Good Looks” from Wobbling

INTERVIEW: Continues…

Glacier Saint “One of These Days” from Be Good
Cat Cat Tiger Cat “Fickle” from Cat Cat Tiger Cat
Sean Nicholas Savage “COME BACK TO ME” from Flamingo

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2014 04 10 • WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

so today was siblings day. my sib, rebecca, happened to be in town. i asked her if she want to play WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS on the show and i’m pretty sure she said yes after i bugged her about it enough.

on the day of the show she makes excuses and decided to stay home instead. so i’m all bummed and telling the internet. and then 40 minutes into the show she walks through the door. so that’s cool.

she played one original song, a cave babies song, and a glass cake song. and then she said every band that’s ever played on the show sounded terrible.

the comic she drew is grossly inaccurate, except for the hair. in reality, she is the mean one. really.

and uhh we laughed about some sibling stuff.

you can find watercolor paintings on the fbook and the bandcamp and now the tumblr. get the new record from plan-it-x and the tape from lost sound tapes!

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Punk Rock Pizza Party “Pizza Party” from Snack Me the Fuck Out
Coastal Vision “Matador” from Are You Anxious
Soft Roars “Gender Roles” from Societal Trends
Tummy “Fire Goblins” from Flamingo Lightning
Frankie Cosmos “Owen” from Zentropy
Autonomy “Homostasis Stasis” from Demo Tape 2011
Brains & Teeth “Shy Girl” from Baby Gold I
Kindly Forest “Vivian” from EP
Brave Parents “Party Bag” from Someone to Jump Out At You
America: The Robot “I’m On A Roller Coaster That Only Goes Up, Kid.” from Horses:Horses EP
Dirtman “Sleepers” from Fossilized!
Bagheera “Indecision” from Demos
Iji “Feeling This” from Soft Approach
LA Beard Club “So Much More” from The Future Is Scary
Love in Mind “Daydreamer” from We Love It!
Bellows “Tiny or Tall?” from As If To Say I Hate Daylight
Master Mahan “Small” from Mutton Buster: The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND
ACLU Benefit “No One Cares About Your Broken Heart” from ESKEMO
Matthew McCue’s America “BUMMER” from Sad Love
Biff Rose “Gentle People” from The Thorn in Mrs. Rose’s Side
Ok Vancouver Ok “Capitalism is the Reason” from Food. Shelter. Water.
REIGHNBEAU “Rain Hands” from Friends
Sci-Fi Caper “Monster Blood” from Sci-Fi Caper
TOOPIN “Less Talk, More Action” from Swim Punx (Up the Trunx!)
Breathing Light “She Loved Everything” from It. EP

LIVE: Watercolor Paintings

Mega Bog “Dog Letters” from Freaky Dawn

Healers - Playing live at the Biko Garage, April 1 2014
Silver Shadows - Playing live at the Biko Garage, April 1 2014

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