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music reviews by my Dad:

IMAVOLCANO 7” EP by Fishboy

I was struck by the almost satirical culture clash: two seemingly antagonistic subcultures thrown together in close quarters—made closer and muggier by a rare August rain.

How exactly the indie rock/punk rock festival called “Growing Up is Dumb” came to be held at American Legion Post 30 in Pomona, California, is probably a fascinating story, but one beyond my limited knowledge. All I know is that hordes of black-clad, tattooed, pierced, and anti-establishment youth descended upon that bastion of the proud veterans of the American military service.

I was there to see my daughter’s band perform, but during one of the breaks something caught my eye. It was an old yellowed photograph on the wall of a World War I army officer. His earnest gaze, something I found myself drawn to, seemed to be directed to the very stage area where the bands were performing, one after another. Capt. Charles P. Rowe, I found out later, died not long after that picture was taken, on a battlefield in France, a hero to his troops in a war against tyranny and fascism. But that night, it felt like Capt. Rowe was watching those performances over our shoulders, deeply interested in a spectacle quite beyond his experience.

That was the strange incongruous setting in which I encountered, and enjoyed, the band called Fishboy. Incongruous, that is, but not inharmonious. And it is great to have actually attended a live performance by a band that I am reviewing. Fishboy has, among its several releases, a 7” four-track vinyl record, complete with an exquisite comic book which illustrates and narrates the four-chapter saga of Imavolcano. And quite an existential saga it is.

The opening track (the title track) of Imavolcano shows exactly what I mean. “IMAVOLCANO” introduces us, with an irrepressible beat and up-tempo lyrics, to the hero of the story: an apparently semi-active volcano who seems to be a good natured fellow but who lacks self-awareness to a large degree. The song’s vocals are good and the instrumentals are professional caliber. I very much like the instrumental interlude (mainly keyboard, I guess) that follows the up-tempo portion, and is joined by slower-tempo vocals that take us to the end of Chapter 1. At that point our Volcano has, with the help of his loyal friends, achieved a dynamic new self-image.

Chapter 2 (“Babyfood Jar”) dawns with another compelling drumbeat (a backbeat?) and crisp, twangy vocals telling a moral tale about the empowerment of making life-changing decisions that may take on volcanic proportions. There is ambiguity here: are we all volcanos in our hearts? Are volcanos forever searching for their inner humanity? We are left with the swirling irony of these riddles to keep us up at night. But we must be brave, and face “The Dilemma” (“Dip My Head in Water”) in Chapter 3, where selflessness and sacrifice contend with our love for life itself. Just as Fishboy’s insistent drums and nimble guitars contend for supremacy, while the vivacious vocals rise to a well-harmonized point-counterpoint duel.

And, the uplifting finale: “I am Still a Volcano”. Although it reprises the title song, the finale gives us a softer, tinkling, xylophonic kind of sound, and brings in some more of Fishboy’s delightful point-counterpoint harmonies.

Now, the one thing that you can’t get from listening to Fishboy’s album is the extreme energy of the band when it plays live. Fishboy is, to my ancient eyes, a bundle of hyper-energy and perpetual motion. Fishboy epitomizes perfectly the free spirit that is so intrinsic to indie or punk rock music. And it is that free spirit that brings the gleam to Capt. Charles P. Rowe’s eyes. You look in those eyes and you know he is proud of his country, a land where punk rockers and American Legionaires can hang out in mutual respect, share a beer, trade a joke or two, and bring smiles to one another’s faces. I like that America. Tragic though was his fate, Charles P. Rowe must know that he did not die in vain.

Listen or buy here:

Chuck Redman

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my two guiding life principles: 1. fashion over function, 2. quantity over quality »»»»> I HAVE SO MANY UGLY SWEATERS

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2014 09 18 • BIG MESS, NICK NEIHART (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

two bands live tonight!

first band was BIG MESS on tour from lowell massachusetts. heavy instrumental three-piece. super great! got to see them at the FUNZONE at the batting cages the night before. they’re heading through the south west so see them if you can! they are here and here and here

second band was NICK NEIHART on tour from salt lake city utah. pop songs with guitar bass drums and some wacky synth sounds! also, some poems in the middle of the set. newest release comes with a book of poems. it’s really nice and has hand made covers. they’re heading north to seattle. find nick here and here.

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Sneeze “Video Brains” from Grandma In The Trenches
Sovroncourt “San Bernadino” from Waves and Wheels
Radiator Hospital “Apocalypse Movies” from Mall of America
Sourpatch “Same Street” from crushin’
Tender Hips “City” from City EP
Spooks “I Find Comfort In Your Existence” from In Shadows Deep
Told Slant “I Am Not” from Still Water

LIVE: Big Mess

The Urns “Crow’s Feet” from Deep Web
Street Gnar “Let It Grow” from Study Wall
Smokey Spirit “Light” from Sin Is In
Two Humans “Kitchen Island” from Best Folks
Urban Barnyard “Pigwalker” from Hot For Your Trail
Tunabunny “Flowers on the Stage” from Tunabunny
Noiseblanket “Plane” from Noiseblanket
Practice “Pentalomar Overture / So Much Time and Years / More Plate” from Try A Gun

LIVE: Nick Neihart

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i just got home, poured myself a glass of orange juice, put the glass of orange juice in my room, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, went back to my room, totally forgot that i just poured myself a glass of orange juice, poured the orange juice back into its container, and now i’m grumpy and i’m going to sleep.

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2014 09 11 • ‘LUNG/BEARD’ (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

long story short… a year ago on this day i had lung surgery and they shaved my eight year old beard off to fit the oxygen mask on during the operation. i made a big deal about it and blah blah blah. i’m okay right now and the beard grew back. wah wah wahh.

but i played songs with ‘lung’ and ‘beard’ in the title and played live sets by LA BEARD CLUB and LUMBER LUNG. cool cool.

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Julie Doiron “Spill Yer Lungs” from I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day
Le Ton Mité “Bearded Clouds Pass Rainbows to Get By” from the troubadour sings songs of the northlands
The State of Samuel “Caribbean Lungs” from Swedish Metal Aid
Real Live Tigers “Beard of Bees” from This is Sometimes a Riverbed
TOOPIN “The Soul of a Beardless Man” from Swim Punx (Up the Trunx!)
Casey Holford “Beard Song” from All Young and Beautiful
Tinyfolk “My Lungs” from Pizza Under the Sea
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head “Beard Lust” from Secret Crush EP
Rob Magill “I Wear A Beard” from Dedicated to Those Who Recently Lived
The Bananas “Heart, Liver, Lungs” from A Slippery Subject
Boogdish “Grow a Beard” from Live Free, Die Bald
The Japanese War Effort “January Winter Beard” from King of Poland
Kickball “Beard” from Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle Everything is
The Young Lions “Basement Lungs” from Demography
Ben and Bruno “O Sweet Lung” from My Mother’s Hand
Alfred Daniels Midland “Yr Beard” from Giraffe Pop Music Combo
Alphabets “Lungs Heave” from Stress
Scribbler “PCP Induced Lung Eating” from Scannopapia
Tall Tales and the Silver Lining “Phantom Beard” from Tall Tales and the Silver Lining
Bubbly Mommy Gun “Cuckoo Lungs” from Sand Roses
Cara Del Gato “Hot Lungz” from Glossy Ventricles
Special Costello “Chlorinated Lung” from Music and Image
Body Farm “Lungful of Blood” from Body Farm
Melting Season “Green Beard” from Gutterth Compilation Three
Birthwater “Bearded Lake” from Wet Water
Spoonboy “Mold in My Lungs” from Tour Demo 2012
The Scribblers “First Woman Beard” from Scribblers forever (B-Sides Collection)
Bunny Zewt Suit “Lungs Are Trees & So What” from Nose Bleeds and Tongue Sores

LA Beard Club - Live at The Dead End. January 7, 2007

Lumber Lung - Live at Biko Garage. March 27, 2011

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one year ago my lung collapsed (for the third time), i had lung surgery (for the second time) and they shaved my beard off (after 8 years!) so the oxygen mask would fit correctly during the operation. so i wrote a joke serious song about it and recorded it in my van. i was thinking about getting really dramatic and shaving my beard off as part of this video but i chickened out. maybe later though. it grows back! who knew?!

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me: “hey thanks for getting in touch. i don’t think i’ll do a show, though. the last time you were here, the only people left in the room at the end of your set were shirtless dudes. it might be more appropriate for you to play at dude palace.”

band: “cool cool, man. gotcha. can you give me the contact for dude palace?”

me: “uh it’s not a real place. i just made it up. i’m sort of making fun of you :/ “

band: “ah okay. gotcha. well if anything opens up let me know! peace”

this was part a conversation i just had with myself in the shower
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bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro

bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro

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2014 09 04 • MARY OCHER, KITCHEN HIPS (5…4…3…2…fun!!)

woo! had two bands play live on the show!

first up was MARY OCHER, out here from berlin to play a benefit event in los angeles. played some cool ghost voice garage/pop songs and a synth song! she’s doing a few other show if you are around phoenix, denver, boise, portland and san francisco. you can find info here and here.

second up was KITCHEN HIPS from los angeles. 2-person dreamy folk music. banjo+drum pieces+vox. fellow college radio folks too, which is always nice and affirming. no shows coming up right now, but keep updated here and here and find more things from thundercloud records

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Richard Album & the Lifestyles “Fishbowl” from Sophomore Album
Loone “Clear & Bright” from Laughter Over the Water
Espumita “Desecho Comun” from Pan de Agua
Lab Coast “Really Realize” from Pictures On the Wall

LIVE: Mary Ocher

Pony Time “Gary Numan” from Pony Time
Late Bloomer “Reality” from Late Bloomer
Neighbors “Power Country” from Power Country
The Plodes “You Treat Me Poorly and It Makes Me Upset” from A Foot Was As Long As… A Foot!
La Luz “Sure As Spring” from Damp Face
Pale Lights “She Won’t Ever Calm Down” from EP

LIVE: Kitchen Hips

Nerve Beats “Pink on the CC Line” from Radio Action
Love Cuts “I Know” from +2-1
Neonates “GridLock” from Neonates
LAKE “Perfect Fit” from The World is Real
Roomrunner “Apse” from Ideal Cities
R.L. Kelly “Woke Up Feeling Sad” from Life’s A Bummer
Mitts “Tube Man” from Romulan
Role Mach “Black Manhattan” from LAMERICA

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got some new glasses from the 25 cent machine

got some new glasses from the 25 cent machine

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